Team Building
Tea Breaks turns traditional team building on its head, offering associates the chance to tackle specific business objectives, approach challenges together and identify previously untapped strengths within your teams.

Our practitioners offer invigorating refocusing sessions, creative problem finding and solving and collaborative working sessions.

We aim to inspire associates to adopt new methods of approaching team issues and equip them with flexible skills that can be directly applied to their professional work.

Associates can take part in a range of challenges such as puppetry, costume making, carnival dance, building sculptures, making music and more, designed to externalise team issues, stimulate creative thinking and refresh the mind… just like the perfect cup of tea!
Green Tea
Associates are given a team challenge with an outdoor, eco twist; they’ll work collaboratively using only recycled materials and renewable energy sources.

Raspberry Infusion
Hidden talents and team strengths are revealed, as associates create collaborative musical arrangements, inspired by the sounds of carnival.

Peppermint Tea
Associates work together to make beautiful illuminated structures, whilst enhancing well being and personal challenge.

Chamomile Tea
Create a carnival in a day!
Challenge your team with excercises in character, costumes, dance and music..
and present a carnival parade.
Make Your Own Brew
Through consultation we will tailor our one day workshops to your specific needs.
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