Corporate Social Responsibility
Choosing Festive Road Tea Breaks to facilitate your team building sessions is guaranteed to tackle
specific organizational issues, promote collaborative working and fulfil your business’s
corporate social responsibility.

Our organization is a community interest Company that operates on a not for profit basis.
Revenue is reinvested into valuable social initiatives giving creative opportunities to
disadvantaged groups, young people at risk of offending and people with special needs.
Our activities promote community cohesion, reduce crime rates and promote
understanding of different cultures which reduces racial tension.
We offer businesses a variety of ways to support their community by volunteering with
Festive Road, sponsoring our work or by choosing one of our tasty team building packages.
Employer Supported Volunteering
Get involved in one of our Social Responsibility Projects.
Your assistance will help us deliver vital community engagement projects which use creative activities to support disadvantaged groups and give a “second chance” to young people at risk of exclusion.
Much of our work takes place in deprived estates or with hard to reach communities.

Sponsor our latest touring show, one of our eco projects, a community carnival or a creative training initiative.
Our work brings communities together and makes creativity and skills training accessible to all.
Local carnivals celebrate diversity by enabling minority groups to share their cultural traditions and specialist skills safely, which contributes to promoting understanding, a sense of belonging and reduces racial tension.
Team Building Packages
Tea Breaks offers a wide range of dynamic development and team building packages.
We can offer opportunities for your business to contribute towards corporate social
responsibility agendas whilst at the same time reinvigorating your associates by refreshing
and refocusing their thinking.

We can help develop more dynamic and creative working teams, strengthen departmental
relationships and offer problem finding and creative solution finding sessions. We can help
retain valuable working groups through the engaging and challenging workshops we deliver.

Our workshops are designed to tap existing talents and to develop new skill sets, enabling
flexibility and lateral thinking to develop, helping your associates compete and excel in the
modern competitive business environment.

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