Take part in an outdoor challenge which will benefit residents within your local community.

Activities range from constructing a shelter, painting a mural or building a sculpture.

Method: Associates will be working with a community group on an outdoor challenge.

For example: weaving living willow, building with recycled materials or painting a mural. Ideally the task will be set in response to a particular need giving benefit to a local community.

For example: painting an ugly underpass, building a community Green House or making a Living Willow shelter.


Oolong Tea

Flavour: Engage and retain your associates; raise your local profile and play an important role in the cohesion of your local community.

Aroma: Releasing collaboration, cohesion, local pride and creativity.


  • A task which will help a local community
  • Locally sourced materials
  • An outdoor space
  • Team work

Blend: The activity is excellent for developing teams, allow individuals to ‘shine’ and developing good public relationships among friends, families and communities.

Servings: Can be delivered over several sessions with team groups in any setting and also in collaboration with associates families, local schools or community groups.

Extras: Associates may discover hidden talents and companies will find ways to deliver corporate social responsibility.

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