Associates will be introduced to some practical techniques, regularly used by theatre and arts professionals, which will encourage a new and refreshing approach to presentation.

Each session will cover different aspects focusing on; voice, engaging use of language, use of visual aids whilst building up confidence and enjoyment.

The sessions will provide associates with some useful tools, enabling them to tackle the preparation and delivery of presentations more creatively and confidently and with more clear and effective outcomes.   


Jasmine Tea

Flavour: Engage your clients through effective and creative presentation

Aroma: Releasing clear and creative communication


  • Puppet making
  • Scripting
  • Creating images and themes
  • Recognising good ‘hooks’
  • Thinking outside the box

Blend: The techniques can be used to develop all kinds of presentation skills including; power point presentation, interviews, selling products and meeting new clients.

Servings: Can be delivered over several sessions with groups of associates or individuals and as coaching towards specific targets or to improve presentation skills and communication awareness generally.

Extras: Our practitioners can help associates overcome blockages or challenges, working with associates towards the marketing or presentation of a specific project or product.


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