Associates will be introduced to some practical techniques, regularly used by theatre and arts professionals, which will encourage a new and refreshing approach to leadership and team building.

Over a series of sessions associates will create a large scale puppet or dragon, whilst building up team confidence and understanding.

The sessions will provide associates with some useful tools, enabling them to test their strengths and weaknesses within a team.

The making and operation will be broken down into roles; a director, main operator or driver, other operators, path clearers and communicators who link the operations together.

These roles can also be adapted to suit the nature of your business. Each of the associates, whatever their real life role, will be asked to tackle all of the roles in the operation in turn.  
Dragon Tea

Flavour: Working together to unlock potential

Aroma: Developing Cooperation and role understanding


  • Clear communication
  • Reflection & Evaluation
  • Large Puppet making
  • Trying out different roles

Blend: The sessions will help associates to understand the importance and the interconnection of all organisational roles and will help them to address their weaknesses as well as recognise and tap their potential strengths.

Servings: Can be delivered over several sessions with groups of associates and as coaching towards specific targets or to improve communication and team efficiency.

Extras: Detailed team analysis activity can run alongside- identifying character types, strengths and weaknesses of individuals.


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