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Festive Road has been delivering creative workshops in educational, community and corporate settings for over 20 years.

Our practitioners are passionate about the power of the creative process to transform, engage and develop participants thinking and productivity.
Our extensive experience enables us to use creative activities as tools to identify and help resolve your organisation’s particular challenges.
Previous Clients
Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability - London
The Centre:MK
UK Centre of Carnival Arts
MK Community Foundation
Northampton Council

Sports Relief
Midsummer Place Shopping Centre
Wellingborough Borough Council 
The Parks Trust
The Mayors Thames Festival
Milton Keynes International Festival
"…presentations of their work [Brewing Up] drew large and very appreciative audiences, upwards of 2,000 across the performances and many more for the engagement for the sporadic interventions of the teacup costumed performers. “

Bill Gee, Chair of ISAN - Developing Outdoor Arts - www.isanuk.org

"Festive Road has an excellent reputation in both Milton Keynes and the wider area for their engaging and visual artistic programme and for their ability to pull together communities to create dynamic and high profile events. “
Lucy Bedford, Arts Development Officer, on behalf of the MKC Arts Team
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Simon Tipping
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Jessica Rost
Tel: 07766734441
Email:  jessica@festiveroad.org.uk
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